No-Spill Beer Pong Cups

Welcome to the Future of Beer Pong

The New Beer Pong

No-Spill Beer Pong Cups

Created at the incredible Michigan State University, No-Spills work exactly the same as regular beer pong cups but with no liquid required! A weighted and bounce resistant bottom creates the same effect as beer or water with no risk of spilling.

Without any liquid, set up is instant, spills are avoided, and No-Spills can be brought anywhere even without access to water such as camping or tailgates!

Sold as a set of 22 cups ready to set up and play. 

Product to be released soon!

We plan to launch No-Spill Beer Pong Cups at the end of 2017!

Look forward to a low-cost (projected $8 per set of 22 cups), clean, new way to play a party favorite! 

The original, professional, tournament-version non-spilling beer pong cups are available now at:

Bringing Beer Pong Back to Parties

First beer pong was with beer. People realized that was gross and switched to water. People realized this made huge messes and switched to No-spills.

Frat parties, house parties, camping, tailgates, and even dorms (shhh) will be able to bring back Beer Pong,

Once released, order by phone, this website, or by email.


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Special Thanks

Skill Pong cups are patented by Skill Pong, LLC (Copyright 2017). No-Spill Beer Pong Cups are the casual/party adaptation of Skill Pong and are sold under this patent by his gracious allowance. Visit to buy a professional beer pong set now!